Quilt Block

Cathedral Windows Quilt Pattern

Hello friends of Lucrochet, how have you been? I hope you are all well! It’s been a while since we met here, but I’m glad we’re here again to talk about another pattern that we bring here completely free of charge. I remember starting to sew as a child, I loved cutting the fabrics my […]

Chevron Pillow – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Glad to see you here again. We are very happy to have your company to learn new patterns. If you are looking to renew the decoration of a room and don’t want to spend a lot, pillows are your best option. The Chevron Pillow arrives with a very beautiful and modern design. […]

Lynx Block Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! You already know that every time we show up here, there’s another beautiful pattern coming. If you like to crochet, sew and make beautiful crafts, you are in the right place. We were very happy to be able to share all this with you, and so, we continue to be inspired to create […]

Amish Squares Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Hi my friends! Ready for the weekend? If you’re looking for a pattern to sew and pass the time, we’ll share what you’re looking for. And if you’re just new to sewing, this is the perfect quilt block for you. The amish squares quilt block has a simple pattern, perfect for beginners. But not so […]

Lone Star Quilt Block – Free Pattern

The Lone Star Quilt Block is a very classic pattern. We have a lot of star patterns that, with some details, look like totally different patterns. Stars are classic patterns, they are present in many types of crafts. You may have seen stars of crochet, knitting, macrame, and quilts are no different. It may seem […]

Arrowhead Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Hi my dear friends! We are sure that, like us, you have seen many quilt blocks out there and are always surprised by a different design. It’s amazing how the difference in colors and combination of prints makes the pattern totally different. What we’re going to learn today is the arrowhead quilt block, which has […]

Vintage Block Along – Free Pattern

The quilt blocks are very beautiful, one different from the other and with very beautiful prints and combinations. Today we are going to learn a classic quilt block, the vintage block along. The quilt blocks are amazing, we’re sure you guys also spend a lot of time making this cool craft. It’s like a puzzle, […]

Aunt Sukey’s Choice – Quilt Block Pattern

Hello my loves! Glad to see you here again. As you already know, we love to test new patterns and bring them here to share with you. All crafts are wonderful, be it crochet, sewing, knitting, macramé. They all have a different feature that makes them special. Today we are going to sew a little, […]

Grandma’s Star Quilt Block – Free Pattern

One of the coolest things about crafts is that you never get bored. We always have a different pattern, full of charm, that enchants us and we already want to start sewing. To make today’s pattern, let’s put the crochet hook aside and sew a little. Grandma’s Star is a classic quilt block. Full of […]

Spring Picnic Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Quilts never hurt, that’s the truth. Each different pattern gets our attention and we already want to match it with our home decor. So when we saw and learned how to make the Spring Picnic Quilt Block, we knew we had to share it with you. A lot of this feeling of always wanting more […]