Aunt Sukey’s Choice – Quilt Block Pattern

Hello my loves! Glad to see you here again. As you already know, we love to test new patterns and bring them here to share with you. All crafts are wonderful, be it crochet, sewing, knitting, macramé. They all have a different feature that makes them special. Today we are going to sew a little, learn aunt sukey’s choice quilt block. Just like the other blocks, you can use them in many decorations or as a block for quilts, centerpieces, table runners.

Quilt blocks are small projects, perfect for those who are just starting to sew and want to get some practice. Not to mention that you can finish it in a shorter time. Whenever we finish a piece, we are very happy with the result, proud of our work. It’s even more gratifying when we give someone a gift, show all our affection and time dedicated to thinking about them.

It’s amazing how the prints and colors chosen make all the difference, they even look like different patterns. In the photos that we have separated for you, it may not look like it, but all these blocks were made with the same pattern. Choose a print that will look beautiful in the environment and match the colors from that fabric.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Generations Quilt Patterns

For this pattern you won’t need a lot of fabric. You can use scraps left over from other projects, they don’t have to be very large pieces. When we start sewing, we have scraps left over and quilt blocks are an excellent option. Aunt sukey’s choice quilt block pattern is available at Generations Quilt Patterns. There you will find the step by step, measurements and sewing instructions.

Tell us what you think and what it was like to make this quilt block. We are very happy with your feedback. Telling our experiences inspire other artisans to continue with this beautiful work. We are here for that, to share new knowledge and help each other. Now, start separating everything you need and let’s quilt!

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