The Heart Stitch – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi my loves! We arrived halfway through the week. Amazing how the days go by quickly when we are busy with things we like. But if you still haven’t found the pattern for you, the crochet stitch we’re going to learn today might inspire you. The heart stitch is very beautiful, full of delicacy and cuteness. It’s that stitch that you can use in many different pieces.

It’s perfect for making that delicate blanket for your baby. It doesn’t need any extra touch, the stitch makes the piece beautiful and complete. To make this stitch, you need to use two different yarn colors or two shades of the same color. The colors need to have a contrast between them to highlight the hearts that are formed in every row.

The more different the yarns were, the more prominent the heart will be. Imagine how beautiful a sweater will be for your girl, a cardigan, or a scarf. The pieces don’t need many details, the stitch already makes all the difference. This stitch is not difficult to do and with the pattern, we are sure that there was no doubt. The good thing about crochet is this, you can do and undo the stitch several times until you are happy with the result.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hopeful Honey

You train with the same material over and over again. How about making a pillow with this stitch? It will look beautiful in the decoration of the bed or sofa in the living room. There are many ideas that you can make, I’m sure you already have several ideas. In addition to the pattern that describes all the rounds, you can find the video tutorial at Hopeful Honey. Read and understand how heart stitch is done and then watch the video for the first time before starting to crochet.

After that, separate the yarns and the crochet hook to start crocheting. So, you already have the doubts that you can. You will see that with each color you choose, it looks like a different stitch. Tell us here in the comments what you think, what pieces you thought about making. We are very happy to see your feedback. Now, let’s crochet!


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