Mickey Mouse Ornament – A Crochet Pattern


Hello sweeties! How is the Christmas weather at your house? Here everything is already decorated, but with each new pattern I find, I already want to make a new ornament. Are you like that too? If it were up to me, I would be changing the Christmas decorations every day. In addition to being beautiful, they bring a different atmosphere, they make everything happier and with more love. When December comes to life, gifts, food, family gatherings and, of course, crochet Christmas decorations come to mind.

Today is the Mickey Mouse Ornament. It is a hit in every home and even more so with children. This ornament is made to place on the Christmas tree. You can mix the colors, match the theme of your home decor as well as the shades too. Including Christmas crochet pieces guarantees a charming and delicate decoration. Anyway, as everyone knows, crochet is a popular, economical, versatile type of craft that allows the creation of beautiful pieces.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Christmas ornaments using this technique are good options to decorate your home for Christmas. Many people plan in advance some details for this date, which is so important. Namely, we can find lines of all colors, even with bright effects, for example. This greatly facilitates the making of different and personalized pieces to the decor you want.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Red Ted Art

There is no rule as to the colors for this type of ornament, however, there are some that match better. We’ve always focused a lot on the traditional colors, red, green, gold and silver. In this model, black stands out a lot because we are making the mickey. This is an incredible idea to decorate your tree, but it can be a beautiful gift for a loved one. With easy stitches, it’s a pattern that can be done very well by beginners of this cool technique. I love to crochet and I’m sure you can too. Another really cool thing is to make this hobby an extra at the end of the month. 

Especially now, at the end of the year, when we always have some extra expenses. You can assemble kits with various ornaments like this and sell them. But for that you will need to see the pattern and it is available at Red Ted Art. If you have any doubts, if you have any suggestions, come and tell us here in the comments. We are very happy to have your feedback and we always want to bring you ideas that inspire you to continue creating beautiful things. Come on, let’s crochet together!


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