Double Pinwheel Quilt Block – Free Pattern


Hello my dear friends! You know the incredible variety of different patterns we have available. We always find a different place to decorate, a change that we want to make in the decoration. Thinking about learning one more pattern idea, let’s see how to make the double pinwheel quilt block. This quilt is very beautiful, different and can bring a lot of color to your decor.

In sewing, you must have noticed that much of the beauty of the piece is in the fabric. The types we have available are many. Depending on the purpose, you can use thinner, softer fabrics. Cotton fabrics are usually the most used. They are easy to sew fabrics because they are not too thick and have a good fit. There are those furry fabrics, they look beautiful to make details in the block quilt.

You don’t need very large sizes. The block quilt is already a small pattern, the pieces of each fabric are even smaller. If you still feel insecure to test new patterns, don’t want to spend more buying new fabrics, you can use scraps from other projects. The combination of colors and prints is very easy to do. In today’s pattern, you will see that they are very different prints that, together, match.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Generation Quilt Patterns

You don’t need to use three different prints. Here in the photos we have examples with two prints. You may notice that it doesn’t look like the same pattern anymore, but it is. This is the wonder of sewing, the combinations generate totally different pieces. Each one with its beauty, but the pattern remains the same. In Generations Quilt Patterns, the double pinwheel quilt block pattern is available.

All tips, step by step and measurements are detailed to help you make this wonderful block quilt. Already separate the necessary materials and make this your project for the weekend. You will see how fast it is. We are very happy to see you here again. If you want to leave here in the comments what you think, we will be very happy to have your feedback. Enjoy your weekend surrounded by lots of color and joy. We are sure it will be an inspired weekend!


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