Uniflower Baby Blanket – Free Pattern


Hey sweeties! How is your week going? It’s already the month of June, did you fly by too? The days are more busy, we have more and more things to do and relaxing ends up being our last concern. But know that moments like this have to be a priority in your days. To be able to perform in other things, we need to be rested. Thinking about giving you a crochet pattern to rest on, let’s learn how to make the Uniflower Baby Blanket.

This blanket model is very cute, full of charm and delicacy. It’s always great to be able to make pieces for our family. When we do it with our babies in mind, we are even more inspired. This model is beautiful, full of flowers all over the blanket. You can do it with pastel tones, just like the pattern. They are classic colors, which combine with each other and leave the piece very delicate.

The flowers are made together with the rounds, you don’t need to make them separately and sew them later. It may seem difficult, but in the step by step you will see that you can do it, it’s even simple. The result is to fill your eyes, to fall in love. You can make it for your baby, give as a gift to a dear friend, nephews, godchildren, or sell. Whatever your goal, the important thing is to never stop practicing.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Wiam’s Crafts

Crocheting, like any other craft, requires practice to improve the stitches and pieces you are going to make. As it is a baby blanket, choose yarns that are soft to the touch and preferably non-allergenic. As for the colors, make the combinations you prefer. We are sure you will choose beautiful colors. The uniflower baby blanket pattern is available at Wiam’s Crafts.

An important tip from designer is not to cut yarn (A) when working with yarn (B) or (C), you can hide it later when crocheting the edge rounds. Following the step by step, there is no error. Did you like it? We want to know who you are doing it for, let us know in the comments. We are very happy to be able to share all this with you. Let’s get our crochet hook and crochet!


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