Sarafia Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! Weekend has finally arrived. These days are usually quieter and we stay close to those we like. We plan activities and, between them, we can do some crafts to relax. If you want to crochet a little, today we are going to share the Sarafia Crochet Blanket. This pattern is very beautiful and crochet blankets are always a big hit with everyone. Whether because it is a soft, warm, versatile and easy to make piece.

Blankets can be part of the bedroom and living room decor and are essential pieces in the baby’s layette. You can make it in different colors. Match the tones of the trousseau or bedroom decor. In the photos, we have several color options that can serve as inspiration for you. Whether colored, one square of each color, several shades of the same color, many combinations are possible.

You can use the rest of yarns from other projects to make this blanket. The squares are small and if it’s a color that matches the rest, why not use it? As for the blanket size, I’m sure you already know how to change it to the size you need. By increasing or decreasing the square rounds, you have a blanket for the size of bed you need.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

This blanket is made in stages, one square at a time. If you have any commitments, you can take a ball of yarn and the crochet hook along. Take advantage of this time to get moving and relaxed. If crochet is also a therapy moment for you, make the most of this time. Put on a song that inspires you and start crocheting.

The sarafia crochet blanket pattern is available from Ravelry. There you will find the step-by-step guide, yarn suggestions and a list of materials. It will not be difficult to find crochet tools, they are common and are present in almost every craft store. If you want to tell us what you think, leave your feedback, we will be very happy to read it. Think of the colors and combinations you want and let’s crochet!


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