Morning Star Contemporary Quilt Pattern


Hi my loves! What a pleasure to start another week with you. We are here to help you, to bring you new and inspiring ideas. And you know you can ask too, right? Do you have that special piece that you still haven’t found around here? Tell us in the comments that we’re going to learn and then share with you. Today we’re going to quilt a little, but in a different pattern than what we’re used to. 

When we talk about quilts, the first thing that comes to the mind of almost everyone is the bed made, the room tidy and decorated. But what if I told you that they can decorate the environment in another way, what do you think? Gradually the idea of ​​using quilts on the wall has become increasingly popular. That’s what we want to propose with Morning Star Contemporary Quilt. 

A simple yet extremely elegant quilt. Look how she makes a difference in the environment. It’s not a heavy piece, you don’t need to drill holes in the wall and when you want to change the decoration, just change it for another quilt. One of the main concerns you should have is to know the space that is available. In the photo we can see that the furniture serves as a basis for the measurements. So the quilt is not wider, it leaves everything aligned. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: AccuQuilt

Measure the space you plan to decorate and see if this quilt fits the environment. Following the instructions, you will end up with a quilt measuring approximately 53″ X 53″. The quilt is made in blocks. You can increase or decrease the amount according to your needs. Another aspect that I think is very important is the choice of fabrics. You can see that we opted for plain fabrics that have a great contrast in color. For a project like this, the prints are not so elegant. 

Color contrast has to be present in almost every quilt. This is how we can see the design of the piece. If we have very similar colors sewn side by side, it looks like one piece. Wall quilts are washed much less frequently. Even so, I like to wash the fabrics before I start. It’s the best way to prevent them from shrinking and modifying the final quilt. Ready to get started? The morning star contemporary quilt pattern is available in AccuQuilt. Read the pattern once, understand the cuts and how the assembly will be done and let’s quilt.


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