Tulip Chevrons Baby Dress – Free Pattern


Hey sweeties! Ready for another dress for our little princesses? Baby dresses always gain our attention. They are so delicate and full of charm that you can’t help but fall in love. The tulip chevrons baby dress is like that too. A very delicate dress, with more open stitches and size for 12 months. In the pattern, you will see that the measurements are not difficult to change.

If you still don’t have much practice in crocheting, we recommend you to follow the pattern and then think about changes that may be necessary. The tulip chevrons baby dress is not the easiest pattern. If you’ve never crocheted, read the pattern first. See if you understand all the stitches that are needed to make the dress. If you feel confident, go ahead.

Try once, twice, three times. The good thing about the crochet technique is exactly that, you can make a mistake, undo it and try again. The yarn doesn’t wear out, just like the crochet hook. If you have other yarns, you can test the stitches with this one first and then move on to the dress. Crochet dresses are very malleable, soft and comfortable to the touch.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Kim

That’s why moms like this kind of clothes for babies so much. Just remember to choose yarns that are right for them. Babies’ skin is more sensitive, so hypoallergenic yarns are recommended. As for the colors, choose the ones that look beautiful on your baby. You can do with vibrant colors, blue, red, more basic colors, white, light blue.

Anyway, we are sure that many ideas will come up and you will crochet beautiful dresses. The pattern is available in Crochet Kim. The step by step of each round is described in detail, so I believe it won’t be too difficult to follow the pattern. We hope you like it and make this pattern with the details you want to add. Your princesses will be even more charming!


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