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Toddler Dress – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey my loves! Another week we’ve spent together and we’re so grateful for it. Having your company is a reason for inspiration for us to keep looking for our best. New techniques, new patterns, show our evolution and encourage us to always keep going. And with you here, everything gets even more special. That’s why […]

Dress For All Seasons – Free Pattern

Hi my loved ones! It is always a pleasure to see you here with us. All the patterns that we bring to share here, are thinking about making them even more beautiful and inspired to continue crocheting. Today we are going to learn how to make Dress for All Seasons. Dresses are beautiful and very […]

Crochet Striped Dress – Free Pattern

Every week we try to bring a baby pattern. An outfit, a blanket, a shoe, whether quilted or crocheted. There is no mom who is not enchanted and wants to make her baby even more beautiful. Today we are going to learn the crochet striped dress. This dress is very beautiful, you will be delighted. […]

Tulip Chevrons Baby Dress – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Ready for another dress for our little princesses? Baby dresses always gain our attention. They are so delicate and full of charm that you can’t help but fall in love. The tulip chevrons baby dress is like that too. A very delicate dress, with more open stitches and size for 12 months. In […]

Crochet Dresses for Dolls – Free Patterns

Hello my loves! When we say that the crochet technique is very versatile, we are not kidding. Proof said is the pattern that we are going to learn to make today, Crochet Dresses for Dolls. Crochet is an art that permeates from generation to generation, from the time of grandma, mom to the present day. […]