Crochet Striped Dress – Free Pattern


Every week we try to bring a baby pattern. An outfit, a blanket, a shoe, whether quilted or crocheted. There is no mom who is not enchanted and wants to make her baby even more beautiful. Today we are going to learn the crochet striped dress. This dress is very beautiful, you will be delighted. The lace detail makes the piece even more charming.

It is very common for baby clothes to be crocheted. This technique, in addition to being classic and ancient, is very versatile. The clothes are very soft and, depending on the yarn, warm. Crochet clothes do not restrict the movement of the little ones, they can play and still remain beautiful and very comfortable. We know babies are more sensitive, so yarns have to be comfortable to touch.

Nowadays, there are special lines for babies, often hypoallergenic. They are perfect and you can find them in many different colors. Choose the colors that you like the most, combine different tones. It is an excellent option to give as a gift to a friend who is expecting a little princess. You can give it as a baby shower gift too. There are many options and that is also why we sell baby clothes very well.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Inews60s

If you’re just starting to crochet, don’t worry. The pattern is not difficult and with the video tutorial, you can clear your doubts and crochet together with the artisan. You can find the crochet striped dress video on Inews60s. If you prefer, you can make the entire dress the same color. Some details won’t be as apparent, but the dress will still be amazing.

Let us know who you’re making the dress for, we’d love to hear from you. It’s a pleasure to be able to share these patterns. We hope we can inspire you every day to keep crocheting. With our experiences, other artisans are also inspired and so we continue to make such beautiful crafts!


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