Fragmented Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern


Hi everybody! Ready to learn another amazing pattern? This one is perfect for those who have a lot of yarn leftovers out there. As much as we always try to buy the right amount of yarn for each pattern we are going to make, it is common to end up with a little left over. But with the fragmented crochet blanket, let’s use all of that.

Crochet blankets have been with us for many years. It’s that classic piece that snuggles us up and leaves that feeling of comfort in which it receives. It may be the missing piece in the baby’s layette. As for the way to use, the most common is in bed. You can leave it folded at the end of the bed and when you lie down, just pull and snuggle.

It can be stretched out on the bed as well. For this, it is good that the blanket is the size of your bed. Crochet blankets are easy to change and make the size you need. Plus, they look perfect in the living room too. Whether to leave complementing the decor or to stretch on the sofa, protecting the fabric of this furniture or covering any stain.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Inspiration

Anyway, ideas abound. What can’t be missing is a crochet blanket in your home. It’s that perfect model to match the most different decorations. You can mix many colors and types of yarns in the same blanket. In the photos, you can see that the more colorful, the more prominent the layers gain. The blanket looks like those pieces that fit together, it really is a fragmented blanket.

The fragmented crochet blanket pattern is available at Crochet Inspirations. In addition to the photos and graphics, you will have access to the video tutorial to learn step by step. We’re sure it won’t be difficult to complete this pattern. Do it little by little, as you have time. The important thing is not to stop practicing. Separate the threads, the crochet hook and let’s crochet!


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