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Work Bookcase Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! You are most welcome once again. It’s great to have you here, we’re always more excited and inspired to test new patterns. But we also like to hear your opinion. If you still haven’t found an outfit, a rug, a blanket that you really want to learn, tell us here in the […]

Morning Star Contemporary Quilt Pattern

Hi my loves! What a pleasure to start another week with you. We are here to help you, to bring you new and inspiring ideas. And you know you can ask too, right? Do you have that special piece that you still haven’t found around here? Tell us in the comments that we’re going to […]

Starburst Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Good to meet you here. We are very happy to be able to share new patterns with you. Are you taking the time to practice? I know that during the week it gets much busier, but you can take the opportunity to read and understand the patterns. Like the one we brought you […]

Bravo Indigo Quilt Pattern

Hi my loves! Looking for a new pattern to keep you company on the weekend? Because we have a beautiful model that will delight you too. This time we brought another technique that we have already seen here, the quilts. There are so many amazing models that it was hard to choose just one to […]

Monster Trick or Treat Totes – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Thinking of doing something fun for Halloween, but afraid there’s no more time? Stay here with us to learn Monter Trick or Treat Totes. A super fun bag that will be a hit with the kids and that you can make in an afternoon, if you have the time and all the materials […]

Autumn Star Spin Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my dear friends! If you’re like us, we never have too much quilt. They are so beautiful and versatile that they complement the decor of our home, they are great options to gift a loved one and they sell very well. Thinking about increasing the patterns that we learn and share here, let’s learn […]

Rhapsody in Green Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! We hope to find you all well and excited to learn one more pattern. It’s always very gratifying to be able to come here and bring you new patterns and new techniques. We are happy to be able to share all this with each of you. Thinking about making our house even more […]

Diamonds English Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello everybody! Ready to learn another beautiful pattern here with us? Today’s model is a wonderful quilt. Diamonds English Quilt is that quilt that will change and complement your decor. Quilts are classic pieces, but depending on the pattern you choose, they can add a touch of modernity to the environment. This is the case […]

Chevron Pillow – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Glad to see you here again. We are very happy to have your company to learn new patterns. If you are looking to renew the decoration of a room and don’t want to spend a lot, pillows are your best option. The Chevron Pillow arrives with a very beautiful and modern design. […]

Lynx Block Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! You already know that every time we show up here, there’s another beautiful pattern coming. If you like to crochet, sew and make beautiful crafts, you are in the right place. We were very happy to be able to share all this with you, and so, we continue to be inspired to create […]