Rhapsody in Green Quilt – Free Pattern


Hey sweeties! We hope to find you all well and excited to learn one more pattern. It’s always very gratifying to be able to come here and bring you new patterns and new techniques. We are happy to be able to share all this with each of you. Thinking about making our house even more beautiful, let’s learn Rhapsody in Green together? This quilt is very beautiful, it mixes several shades of green in the pattern that make it even more charming.

I know that looking at the finished quilt can seem difficult to do with the number of small cutouts. But in the pattern, you learn to do the step by step and you see that it’s not that difficult. Quilts are very versatile. We can have several, of the most different patterns and colors. They complement the decor of the room, can cover any stains or tears in the sofa, and make everything cozier.

In the bedroom, they leave the environment very well decorated, our bed is very tidy and inviting. You can match the color of the quilt with the pillows, leaving the environment well decorated. And all quilts can be adapted for all occasions. If you need a bedspread to decorate the baby’s room and you fell in love with this pattern, why not do it with pastel tones?

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

It matches the decor, and the little ones are very cozy. If you want to gift a dear friend, why not make the quilt in your favorite color? Many ideas can come from crafts and, with a little creativity, from a pattern, you can create new ones, with a touch of personality. The Rhapsody in Green pattern is available from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

All the instructions for cutting, sewing, fabric indications and material list are very detailed and will guide you throughout the project. If you have any doubts, let us know. Leave your comment here and we will help you. Together we are a community of artisans who are here to help each other. Do you have a pattern you want to learn? Tell us here too, let’s look, learn and share with you. Time to separate the fabrics and quilt!


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