Baby Bear Crochet Hoodie – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! Another week starting and we are ready to share many amazing patterns with you. It is a great pleasure for us to see you here. Together we learn many beautiful crafts and inspire each other with our experiences. Crochet clothes for babies are common and delight all moms. Today we are going to learn how to make the Baby Bear Crochet Hoodie.

That coat is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for keeping your little one cozy and warm. Crochet clothes, in addition to being warm and soft, do not restrict the movement of babies. In the pattern, the yarn used is mixed, with various shades of pink. You can use yarns like this or choose single color threads. Choose the ones that you like the most.

The ears are worked separately and sewn to Hood. So you can combine the colors that you like the most to make the coat even more charming. As for the lines, choose the ones that are most appropriate for babies. Usually yarns brands have special lines for babies. These lines are hypoallergenic, ensuring baby’s skin will not experience irritation when in contact with the line.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspiration

In the baby bear crochet hoodie pattern you will find several different sizes: six, twelve and eighteen months. Measurements are available so you can get a sense of what would be best for your little one. You will work the sweater in one piece from neck down. Garment is divided at underarms and body is then worked to lower edge. It’s a great gift option for dear friends who have a new baby at home.

If you sell crochet, baby clothes are great, they sell easily. The complete pattern is available on Yarnspiration. The walkthrough, bill of materials, abbreviations and gauge are there to help you. We hope you like it and make the baby bear crochet hoodie. It’s a very complete pattern that you can make the adaptations you like the most. Tell us here in the comments what you think, we are very happy to read your feedback. We look forward to seeing lots of baby bears out there!


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