Lovey Blanket Bear – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi my loves! Good to see you here again. Today we start another month to spend together, share and learn many beautiful patterns, which are great opportunities to sell or gift. The Lovely Blanket Bear is a beautiful model that you can make in a short time and with few materials. This pattern is very cute, a very friendly bear and perfect for little ones to snuggle up to.

For this model, in addition to the blanket, the amigurumi technique is used to make the bear. It is nothing more than crocheting, but made with special yarns and smaller stitches, which make the piece even more delicate. It is true that the blanket is very small, but it is that piece that the child can carry everywhere, without making a mess and always having that safety piece.

The blanket has a star shape, which matches the bear and serves to form the rest of the pattern. As for the materials, when we make pieces for the little ones, some extra care must be taken. The choice of yarn is very important because it will have direct contact with their skin. The yarn cannot be rough to the touch. Antiallergic Yarns are the most suitable options for these cases.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

The amount of colors is also infinite, choose the ones you like the most. The bear is very playful, so you can make it pink, blue, yellow. For this model you will need a pair of safety eyes. Check as many times as necessary that the eyes are well attached to the bear, we cannot take the risk of letting go and being available to the little ones as they are small accessories. You can always wash the pattern before delivering the little ones too, after all, as much as we take all the necessary care, it’s normal to end up getting dirty, picking up a little dust.

When washing, remember that it is a handmade item, no matter how resistant the crochet is. Do not use chlorine bleach or hot water for this. But this is taken care of for later, now let’s crochet? The lovely blanket bear pattern is available at Love Crafts. List of materials, step by step and measurements are there. Read it first, choose materials and crochet!


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