Frida’s Flowers – Free Crochet Pattern


Hi my dear loved ones! It’s been a few days since we posted the last pattern here. We already miss you and look forward to coming back with more beautiful crafts. We hope you took the time to practice during these days and make the patterns you liked the most. Today’s pattern, Frida’s Flowers, is passionate. This blanket is the most beautiful thing, full of colors and joy.

It’s a blanket made in stages, so you can practice a little bit every day, you don’t need to complete the blanket in a few days. The blanket was inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo and has very expressive colors. A few different flowers were used and all of them you learn in the pattern. The colors used are described in the pattern and you can follow along with the same tones. You can do it with other colors if you prefer, but the blanket may not be as expressive.

Bright colors make all the difference. The blanket blocks, once ready, are sewn together. If you have a steam iron ensure that you know you can trust and that can produce steam without spurting boiling water, you can steam your crochet pieces, but be sure to hold your iron a few above your crochet to inches it doesn’t get too hot.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Style Craft

Crochet pieces love to curl up so there is no point blocking each crochet motif as you complete it because by the time you come to put your pieces together they will have curled up again and will need re blocking. When you go to wash, be careful to keep the piece beautiful. You can place it inside a pillowcase for a gentler wash. Do not use hot water or chlorine bleach. You put so much affection and dedication into making this piece, we don’t want it to spoil.

Frida’s Flowers pattern is available at Style Craft. The step by step is separated into eight steps. In all of them you learn a different block or flower. We are sure that you too fell in love with this pattern. There are so many different parts that hold our attention. Every time we look, we notice a new detail. Tell us what you think, we will be very happy to have your feedback.


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