Ferguson Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern


Hey loves! Another week starting and our team has put together some amazing patterns for us to learn together. Let’s make this week amazing? To get started, let’s learn the Ferguson Blanket. A beautiful pattern, made all in crochet. The stitch used is very beautiful, with a softer texture that makes everything even more cozy. You will use a single type of stitch throughout the blanket.

If you are starting to crochet, stay here with us to learn this stitch and complete another beautiful blanket. Crochet has been part of our lives for a long time. Blankets and rugs are the most classic pieces and we usually start with this type of piece. The size of the blankets is a little bigger, so until you get practice and learn the stitch well, it may take a while.

But don’t rush, take it easy, one round at a time. Crohce is an incredible technique and you can make the most different pieces with few materials. The basic one that all patterns will ask for is yarn, crochet hook and scissors. Also, you can take it apart and try again with the same material. Do it, break it up, try again, but don’t get discouraged. With practice you will see that it becomes easier to understand the patterns, the crochet stitches, and you will make new beautiful pieces.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Two Brothers Blanket

As for yarns, there are many options that we find in stores. Think about the end goal of what you are doing. If you want a thicker blanket for colder days, choose warmer yarns like wool. For a thinner blanket, thinner yarns can be chosen. Following the pattern step by step you will have a 35” x 40” blanket. But it is very simple to change the size.

Increase or decrease the number of rounds and you’re done, you have a blanket the size you need. The ferguson blanket pattern is working in a multiple of 2 + 1. Shall we begin? The pattern is available in Two Brothers Blankets. We hope you like it and take the opportunity to make beautiful blankets, whether for yourself, to sell or to give as a gift. It will be a success!


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