Addison Baby Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern


Hey my loves! It is a great pleasure to be able to welcome you here, in this space that we have to share such beautiful ideas. We are very happy to know that the new patterns we bring inspire you to keep making beautiful crafts. Today we are going to learn another classic, the Addison Croche Baby Blanket. This pattern is crocheted, a very popular and beloved technique.

Crochet is that super versatile craft, you can see it in home decor pieces, clothes for everyone in the family, accessories. Over the days, this technique has become more common among all ages and new ideas bring a lot of modernity to crafts. It’s a very old technique and we’re sure you’ve had or have something to crochet in your house. Crocheted blankets are traditional pieces in all layettes.

They are very comfortable, warm, soft and make the little ones comfortable. The addison crochet baby blanket is like that too, with different textures, a tight stitch and a lot of beauty. You can do just like the designer of the piece and use more than one color on the blanket. Choose the ones you like the most, use different shades and I’m sure they will look beautiful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: A More Crafty Life

The fluffiest edge is made with another yarn. These yarns with more details can be a little more difficult to crochet, because you don’t see the stitch so well. But we’re sure that with a little practice, you’ll get it. These blankets are great options for gifting loved ones, selling or making for your little ones. Following the instructions, you will have an 81 x 102 cm blanket.

The complete pattern is available at A More Crafty Life. In addition to all the description, the video tutorial is also available. Read the pattern and watch the video for the first time before starting to crochet. Then, just choose your yarns, take the crochet hook and crochet. Did you like it? Tell us here in the comments. We are very happy to read your feedback. If you have a pattern you want to learn, tell us here too. See you again soon!


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