Knit Shadowbox Blanket – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! Cooler days call for a comfortable blanket to snuggle up with. After all, nothing beats getting home after a tiring day to relax watching a movie or reading a book together with the family. What if we told you that you can make this blanket yourself? Today’s pattern is for you who want to decorate your home and snuggle everyone together.

The Knit Shadowbox Blanket is very beautiful, elegant and leaves the environment very sophisticated. The combination of blue tones with a light cream tone makes the blanket even more beautiful. This pattern was developed by designer Nicole Winer. In the diagram you can see that the blanket is made of blocks. There are six different blocks made in different quantities.

At the time of assembly, the way the blocks are arranged gives that shadow effect that the piece has. There’s a charm. You can do it with other colors if you prefer, but always choose different tones, one lighter and one dark. Keep the cream tone for the bottom of the box. Following these instructions, whichever color you choose, will create the same effect. Always remember to choose quality yarns for knitting.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

This will only enhance your work, make it more beautiful and a perfect blanket for longer. Some care must be taken when washing the piece. Handmade items are more delicate, do not wash with hot water, do not use chlorine bleach. If machine washing, you can put the blanket inside a pillow cover, so the blanket will not rub against the machine.

These are tips that over time, you will realize that they really make a difference. To knit the shadowbox blanket, you need the pattern which is available in Yarnspirations. There you have all the step by step, diagram, list of materials and abbreviations necessary to understand the necessary points.


We hope you like it and want to start knitting. Whether for you, to give a gift to someone you love or to sell, take the opportunity to continue practicing and evolving. Tell us what you’re going to do with the blanket. We are very happy to see you here and to be able to share all this with you.

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