Crochet Laptop Case – Free Pattern


Hey loves, how nice to have you here with us. We are happy to know that we are remembered when it comes to crafts. We spent a few days without showing up here and we miss you already. I hope you guys were able to practice, explore the patterns and ideas you have around here and stay active. We came back full of ideas and patterns to share.

I’m sure that, like us, you like to crochet things that will be useful in your daily life. From that warm blanket for the coldest days, to decoration items, baskets for organization. With that in mind, we want to show you the Crochet Laptop Case. As the name implies, it’s a cover to protect and carry your laptop around.

These are expensive items that require a little more care. Here I suggest you use a thicker yarn, so that the case becomes thicker, fluffier and thus protects the laptop more. If you are also practiced with fabrics, you can line the case, it is even more complete. This case is simple, but it looks very beautiful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Jewels and Jones

It’s a very simple pattern. You will make the entire case with a single crochet stitch. The case is made from a rectangle that will then be folded and whip-stitched together. Easy as that, perfect for anyone who is starting to crochet and wants to see how the stitch behaves over the rounds. The last detail is the addition of the button, which can be whatever you prefer.

Yes, not all laptops are the same size and you may need to change the pattern measurements. Without despair, this is also easy, but it must be done at the beginning. You will change the number of chains, increasing or decreasing, depending on the measures you have. So, did you like this idea? We hope so, let’s crochet!

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