Amish Squares Quilt Block – Free Pattern


Hi my friends! Ready for the weekend? If you’re looking for a pattern to sew and pass the time, we’ll share what you’re looking for. And if you’re just new to sewing, this is the perfect quilt block for you. The amish squares quilt block has a simple pattern, perfect for beginners. But not so only those who are starting can do it.

It’s a pattern that looks very beautiful in many environments, everyone can do it. The pattern is a square, formed from strips. You will want, at the time of assembly, some changes can be made. The colors and prints are repeated in different positions on the same quilt block. You can repeat or do it with different colors, it’s a personalized quilt block.

In the beginning we had a lot of difficulty in thinking of combinations that would look beautiful. It is very common, so try to see photos, decorations of environments, all this helps you to encourage creativity. In stores, you will find many fabric options and it is normal to want a little of each. Take it easy, there are several patterns you can do, but do it slowly.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Generations Quilt Patterns

Making crafts has to bring you calm, be a pleasant moment, that calms you down. Don’t be in a hurry either, each one at their own pace. After choosing the fabrics, you can iron them so they are very smooth. It will make it easier to mark, cut and start sewing. The amish squares pattern is available in Generations Quilt Patterns.

There you will find the step by step, measurements, tips and cutting and sewing information. We’re sure it won’t be difficult to do. We want to see lots of amish squares out there, let us know what ideas you had. We are very happy to see you here and read your feedback. Let’s sew!


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