Duck Tracks Quilt Block – Free Pattern


Hey sweeties! It’s always a pleasure to see you here and to be able to bring you new patterns for us to learn together. Today it is the Duck Tracks Quilt Block. Remember that this is our craft space, where we share new techniques, new patterns and our experiences. It’s amazing to know that no matter where you are reading, we are learning together and inspiring new artisans.

Sewing is present in our daily lives, in the most varied forms. It’s a very old practice. I’m sure you have an acquaintance who had those very old sewing machines. A grandmother, an aunt, a mother who has already made an outfit for you or your doll. It is by remembering these experiences with great affection that we are inspired to continue sewing. Block quilts are already quite common in this medium.

They are used as decoration items, centerpieces, and as cushion covers. The latter is the fastest way to redecorate an environment. Just by changing the pillow cover, you already have new colors in the environment. The duck tracks quilt block is the perfect project for anyone just starting out in sewing. It’s not difficult, the seams are straight and it’s a small pattern.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Generations Quilt Patterns

You can finish it on the same day. As much as we love making crafts, every finished project brings us great satisfaction. In duck tracks, the combination is made between the colors of the background pattern. The highlight is the shades of green and blue, which contrast and bring a lot of color to the block quilt. You can make your combinations too, enjoy the colors that are present in the decoration of the environment.

You can use scraps that you have around, from other projects. The cutout sizes are not large. The pattern is available in Generations Quilt Patterns with various measurements to make different quilt sizes. The fabric suggestions are also there, along with the step by step. Shall we sew? Tell us here in the comments what you think. If you have new suggestions, what you want to learn, comment here too. We will be very happy to hear how it went. We look forward to seeing lots of quilt block duck tracks out there.


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