Easy Crochet Slippers with Soles – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! It’s been a long time since we shared the last pattern with you. We missed you and anxious to know how you guys spent these days. We hope you haven’t stopped practicing during that time. We made some patterns and we already have a very beautiful pattern to share here, the easy crochet slippers with soles. This pattern is also made in crochet, this technique so dear and versatile. If you still don’t know, stay with us and find out how to crochet.

You can find crochet in the most different items, home decor items, winter clothes, accessories, baby clothes and layette items, blankets. It’s a technique that, in addition to allowing us to create many things, doesn’t need many materials to get started. If you make a mistake, you can do it several times with the same material until you get the result you want and the pieces are very resistant, they look beautiful for a long time.

With this pattern you will be able to make the most different flip flops. His base is to use a slipper that you already have. The crochet part is a detail, a granny square that you make separately and then apply to the slipper. You can make it in several colors, always remembering to match the color of the slipper. The size of the granny square is standard, but if you need a bigger one, increase the border size.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Dreamz

To work the toe top, you first make a basic granny square and then add granny stitch rows to the side. The last rows on the side will have sts of varying height to shape the toe top. You can also use plastic slides and glue the toe top on them. You will make the slippers even more beautiful, personalized and different. You can make it as a gift to loved ones, sell or for yourself. If you have yarns left over from other projects, use them in this pattern.

Granny squares are done quickly, you will be able to make several in the same day. Come check out the complete easy crochet slippers with sole pattern available at Crochet Dreamz. There is everything described, the list of materials, the step by step and the photos for you to check. Did you like it? We think this idea is really cool. You do it fast, learn new stitches and a different pattern that you can adapt to other pieces. Time to sort the materials and crochet!


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