Arrowhead Quilt Block – Free Pattern


Hi my dear friends! We are sure that, like us, you have seen many quilt blocks out there and are always surprised by a different design. It’s amazing how the difference in colors and combination of prints makes the pattern totally different. What we’re going to learn today is the arrowhead quilt block, which has the same feature.

When you learn the pattern, you can adapt and use it for many things. Simpler pieces, with classic colors, more vibrant pieces with more striking colors and prints, pieces that mix these two characteristics. There are many ideas and combinations you can make. Don’t let that scare you, think that each piece you make will have a different characteristic.

The fabrics, although there are many types available in stores, for these patterns we use thinner fabrics. To make this quilt block, you will need to cut several squares and then split them in half. When sewing, each triangle must have a pattern. The next cuts may seem a little confusing, but with the step-by-step photos, it will be simple to follow and assemble in the same way.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Susies-Scraps

The quilt block size is not big. If you need to change the size, do it right on the first square and follow the steps in the same way. In the end, you will have the quilt block arrowhead with the same pattern, but the size you need. The complete pattern is available from Susies-Scraps. We’re sure it won’t be difficult to do.

The step-by-step photos are very detailed. As you know, we’re friends here, so if you have any patterns you want to learn, let us know in the comments. We will search, test and bring it here for you. So, we are inspired by each other and continue with this beautiful work. Now let’s quilt, separate everything you need and time to sew!


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