Crochet Paintings Appliques – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! What a pleasure to meet you here, even on the weekend. We don’t stop looking for and testing patterns. And we do this to share with you and because we love it so much too. It’s a wonderful therapy, a way to pass the time and even earn extra money if you’re interested. And today couldn’t be different, let’s learn Crochet Paintings Appliques. Look what a beautiful, super delicate thing that will complement your decor and make the environment even more amazing. 

Another pattern all made in crochet, this technique that we love so much, even more because of the amount of possibilities that the technique offers us. Crochet is a craft technique, which is passed from generation to generation, in which a curved needle is used to intertwine the sewing threads, which help to form varied models, such as flowers and much more. This technique dates back to antiquity, and each time it reinvents itself, thus offering new models of craftsmanship. 

For example, crochet with knitted yarn is very popular, in rugs, bags, trays, pot holders. But, whoever said that crochet can only be used on towels, hems and rugs is dead wrong. Crochet is present in wall decoration and there are a thousand and one ways to expose it in a creative way. To decorate the rooms of your house, I’ve seen places where beautiful paintings with crochet squares or circles are displayed on the walls. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Winding Road Crochet

It’s a reinterpretation of grandma’s lace, transformed into a contemporary piece with affective memory. With this technique you can either reuse affective patterns or make new designs, like today’s pattern. One of these new options is the assembly of frames using crochet flowers, which are very simple to make, and become charming and very elegant decoration pieces. 

Shall we crochet? The flowers are small and perfect for those who have a lot of yarn left at home. As it has many colors, take the opportunity to abuse creativity and assemble unique frames. Come check out the Crochet Paintings Appliques pattern in Winding Road Crochet and tell us what you think here in the comments. Let’s make this week amazing.


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