Bear Finger Puppet – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! What a pleasure to be able to spend another day with you. We are very happy to have your company and we hope that the models we share will help you and inspire you to continue creating. Ready to fall in love? Bear Finger Puppet is very cute, sympathetic and very delicate. A guaranteed success among children, finger puppets are perfect for telling stories and having a great time with the little ones.

It’s a small pattern and, even with many details, it’s quick and easy to make. Depending on your age, you’ve probably seen, played with, or even made a puppet. For those who don’t know, puppet is a puppet manipulated, or moved, by a person to distract others, they are commonly used in recreational activities in the education of children, since a puppet can be a puppet that resembles a human being, an animal, an object, or else an invented creature. 

People all over the world use these puppets to tell stories, do drama and play, as well as to teach something. Nowadays, in addition to the famous puppets, finger puppets have also emerged, which are actually smaller puppets, used on the fingers. They are very easy to make. In addition to attracting attention by the colors and the movement of the hands, they are able to distract and make children think about how that little character can be part of a big story. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Elisas Crochet

No matter what popular culture portrays, we humans are unique in our ability to discover new ways of portraying and illustrating stories. In all cultures, drama and storytelling has always been a place where those stories can be used and seen by others. as well as for themselves. Puppets have been used for centuries to embellish stories. Bear Finger Puppet is all crocheted. If you have already crocheted an amigurumi, the puppet finger follows the same idea. 

Generally the yarns are similar and so are the stitches. All this you can see in Elisas Crochet. See the materials you need, read all the steps and then start crocheting. Don’t forget to tell us what you think here in the comments. We are very happy to be able to share new ideas. And if you still haven’t found a specific pattern you want to learn, let us know too. Now, let’s crochet!


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