Crochet Dog Coat – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! We hope you are well. Are you remembering to practice a little crochet every day? We know that the days are sometimes very busy and there is no time for anything. It happens to everyone, don’t feel guilty. When you have time, practice again to continue making beautiful crafts. Today we are going to learn how to make a different pattern for our puppies.

The Crochet Dog Coat is the most beautiful thing, a perfect piece to keep our dog warm and comfortable. On the coldest days, they also feel cold and need more protection. Even more so if the dog doesn’t have a lot of fur, so crochet clothes are an excellent choice. In addition to being soft and warm, they don’t restrict movement, making them comfortable to walk around.

This model is perfect because, if your dog is like mine, they don’t like anything that gets on their paws. The crochet dog coat only covers the chest and back. We have dogs of all sizes, so in the pattern you have access to four different sizes. Small, medium, large and extra large. Measure your dog and see a size that fits his chest without squeezing. Yarns can stretch a little over time, but don’t count on that when choosing your size.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

It may be that the first few times it is too tight and you end up not being able to use the piece on your dog. As for yarns, choose those that are soft, to make them comfortable. The pattern is available at yarnspirations, with the step by step, tips, yarn suggestions and abbreviations necessary to understand the pattern. Read before starting to crochet.

It’s always good to understand first, so you already clear any doubts and don’t have to interrupt whenever a different abbreviation comes up. We are very grateful to see you here. Here you learn decoration items for the house, clothes for the babies, for you and for the whole family, even for the pets. Time to start crocheting. Separate your crochet hook and yarn, let’s crochet!


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