Baby Love Quilt – Free Pattern


I don’t know about you, but for us, sewing is like therapy. Each new quilt ready, a different pride. Thinking about increasing the number of ideas and patterns we have, let’s learn baby love quilt today. This quilt is very delicate, full of charm and love. Doing the step by step and sewing the fabrics in order, a beautiful heart is formed in the center of the quilt.

If you are thinking of making this quilt for babies, choose colors that match the layette or room decor. This pattern was made with flowery prints, very delicate. All colors are pastel, giving more delicacy to the piece. This is just an idea, an inspiration for you to make your combinations. The environment brings us many ideas, observe the colors around you and we are sure you will not be short of ideas.

Many combination ideals come up while we are shopping for fabrics as well. There are numerous options of prints and colors that we have available, as well as the types of fabrics. When making the baby love quilt, make sure the fabric is soft to the touch. Babies have more sensitive skin, cotton fabrics are very good and look great in the quilt.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Susies-scraps

If you’ve already done some sewing projects, leftover scraps can also be reused in this pattern. As the heart is formed by cutouts of different colors and prints, the size of the patch does not have to be very large. First make the larger cuts. If something goes wrong, you can still take the opportunity to make the smaller cuts.

Once you’ve made all the cutouts, assemble the quilt to see if it all matches up and get an idea of ​​how it will look. The baby love quilt pattern is available in susies-scraps. In the pattern you have size indications, suggestions for prints, colors and fabrics. We hope you enjoy this pattern to rock the seams. As you practice sewing, your quilts will get more and more perfect.


If you want to leave your opinion here in the comments, how you will make your quilt, we will be very happy to know. Here we are all artisans who support and encourage each other through our crafts. Separate the materials, cut the fabrics, sew and have a beautiful quilt. It’s always a pleasure to see you here, together we will make many beautiful pieces!

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