Autumn Star Spin Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi my dear friends! If you’re like us, we never have too much quilt. They are so beautiful and versatile that they complement the decor of our home, they are great options to gift a loved one and they sell very well. Thinking about increasing the patterns that we learn and share here, let’s learn one more, the Autumn Star Spin. This pattern is very beautiful.

The overlapping of the chosen fabrics and colors gives an effect, an optical illusion on the bedspread, it looks beautiful. The autumn star spin is a detail that can be in the center of the quilt. In the photos you can see how beautiful she looks and highlighted in the bedroom decor. Combined with the cushions and pillows, you have a well-made magazine bed.

As for the colors, make the combinations that please you most. You can combine plain colors with prints that have the same color palette. It looks very pretty and elegant. With a little creativity, you will be able to make new combinations. Have you noticed that when we make the same pattern with other colors, it looks like a different pattern?

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilting Board

That’s what’s so amazing about crafts. We can create so many different combinations, one more beautiful than the others. A really cool tip to share is to wash the fabrics before you start cutting. If the fabric shrinks or loosens the excess dye, it won’t stain or alter your quilt. After drying, iron the fabric and leave it very straight. It is easier to make the markings, the cuts and the sewing itself.

The autumn star spin pattern is available on Quilting Board. Do it slowly, whenever you have time to keep the practice up to date and keep evolving. Any questions you have, you can talk to us here in the comments. We are very happy with your feedback and the interaction we have. We are here to be inspired. Shall we quilt?


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