Double Down Crochet Shawl – Free Pattern


Hey loves, wanting to crochet? Don’t feel like it, come learn a beautiful pattern together with agent. Every time we find a new model and we like the finished piece, we hold back not to run here with you. Stay here with us to learn how to crochet the Double Down Crochet Sawl. This model is very beautiful and super comfortable. The feeling we have is that we are wrapped in a very soft blanket.

Perfect for colder days, you can make it with different types and colors of yarn. Crochet clothes are the most comfortable to wear. When made the right size and with quality, soft yarns, you can’t go wrong. For models like today, made for use on much colder days, you can and should use thicker yarns. When we use wool we have incredible results. Yes, they are heavier and warmer clothes, but very cozy, comfortable and warm.

The double down crochet sawl gains total prominence in your look. For those who want a more discreet piece, easier to match, choose more classic colors. Black, white, grey, dark blue, they all look beautiful. For a more vibrant swal, choose colors like pink, red, yellow, it looks amazing too. The yarn suggested in the pattern has different tones in the same ball, causing this delicate gradient, which makes the piece even more elegant.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

Some notes have been highlighted and are important for you to understand the pattern. Are they:

  • To begin (beg) working with the O’Go format, carefully cut plastic tie where the ends of the O’Go meet.
  • Pull tie to remove.
  • Start crocheting!
  • Shawl is worked in 2 Panels from bottom front edge to bottom back edge and seamed together (tog) in Finishing.
  • Use first 2 O’Gos as a set for first Panel and second 2 O’Gos as a set for second Panel.
  • Beg working from darkest end of O’Go at bottom edge of Panel.
  • To maintain ombre effect join second O’Go when necessary from opposite end so shades match (lightest end to lightest end) resulting in a fade from dark to light, and back again across the Panel.

Shall we crochet? You can find the complete pattern in Yarnspirations. Gather your materials and let’s get started!


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