A Wedding Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi sweeties! It’s always great to see you here. We like to make beautiful crafts, but being able to share them with you makes all the difference. We are here to support each other and bring new ideas to inspire us. Today we are going to learn the wedding quilt. This pattern is very charming, full of color and lots of love. You can see in the pictures that the pattern is not difficult to make.

It takes a bit of work because the lines are sewn separately with strips of each color. You will assemble the quilt by fitting the strips together to form the colored hearts. Don’t compare the time it will take you to make with that of other artisans. Each one has a way and a speed of cutting and sewing. Do as you can, we are sure that in the end, the quilt will look beautiful. You don’t need to do it with the same colors as the pattern.

The background color of the pattern is white. You can choose another color, but make sure it contrasts with the other colors. So hearts will still be in the spotlight. From the quilt diagram you can check that the straps are correct and will maintain the quilt design. If you choose very dark colors, we recommend washing the fabrics before starting to make the cutouts.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Purl Soho

Dark colors tend to have excess paint that can wash out, so you don’t stain lighter colors. The bedspreads are great gift options, each of them has a design that makes all the difference in the decoration of the environment. The wedding quilt brings a lot of delicacy to the environment and you can decorate the room with pillows and pillows that match and enhance the colors of the quilt.

The wedding quilt pattern is available from Purl Soho. The step by step, diagrams and measurements are described in detail. The strips aren’t big, so you can use scraps from other projects to make this quilt. With a little creativity you can make the changes you want, leaving the piece with your touch. We hope you fall in love with the pattern as we do and want to start sewing. Separate everything you need and let’s quilt!


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