Sampler Blanket – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! If you’ve been following us for a long time, you know that we love to make new patterns and beautiful crafts. Being able to come here to share with you is one of the privileges and incentives we have to keep looking for new pieces. Sampler Blanket is one of them. This blanket is classic, as are most handcrafted blankets. To make this pattern, you need to know how to knit. This is a new craft that we are bringing here.

Like crocheting, it is a very old practice, one that our grandmothers and mothers used to do. In recent times, knitting has become very popular among all ages. After many days of isolation, many people looked for a new way to distract themselves. Many people found this distraction in crafts. Whether as a hobby, an extra income at the end of the month or your profession, the important thing is to never stop practicing and looking for new patterns.

To knit you will need knitting needles and yarn of your choice and scissors. This pattern isn’t difficult, and if you’re just starting out with this new craft, this blanket is perfect for you. It’s made in blocks, so you can knit a little all day. Some blocks are different and for that you will learn new points. When the colors, take the opportunity to use the ones that you like the most.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

You can do it with the same color palette as the pattern. Choose a color and vary the tones or make an all-colored blanket. Think about the environment you are going to decorate with this blanket and match the colors. You can use it in the living room, in the bedroom, make for the baby’s layette. There are many options and, with a little creativity, I’m sure you’ll rock the combinations.

The Sampler Blanket pattern is available from Yarnspirations. There you learn all the stitches used in this blanket. All the rounds are described and the way of sewing the blocks is there too. Liked? Tell us here in the comments. We are starting another week together and we are going to make everything more beautiful with our crafts. Yarn and knitting needle in hand, let’s knit!


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