Work Bookcase Quilt – Free Pattern


Hi my loves! You are most welcome once again. It’s great to have you here, we’re always more excited and inspired to test new patterns. But we also like to hear your opinion. If you still haven’t found an outfit, a rug, a blanket that you really want to learn, tell us here in the comments. Let’s search, test and share so you can do it too. Today we separate a perfect quilt model for reading amateurs. 

The Work Bookcase Quilt is beautiful, fun, colorful and best of all, simple to make. The amount of detail you want to add can make it a little more complicated, but nothing too difficult. This quilt looks beautiful to decorate the bedroom, living room or gift a dear friend. In addition to being able to sell and have an extra income too. Quilts are super useful. We are always changing pillows, quilts, and one like this can complete the decoration of the environment. 

Are you starting to quilt now? We will share some tips. But they can be very useful for those who have been quilting for a longer time as well. Come check it out with us. Read directions first, cut later. To help avoid mistakes down the line, always read the complete cutting instructions before you begin. Make the most of your yardage. Cut out the larger shapes before turning to the smaller ones. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Fabric at Work

If you accidentally miscut a larger shape, it’s usually possible to cut a smaller shape out of that large piece. Press correctly. Pressing is achieved by moving the iron up and down on the fabric rather than ironing, which moves the iron back and forth across the fabric. Prevent shadows. To avoid shadowing when working with high-contrast fabrics, such as red and white, press the fabric seam toward the darker fabric or press seams open. Prevent application from shifting.

For machine appliqué, use the small spot of washable fabric glue to hold the pre-fused appliqué shapes in place before pressing them to the background. Do you usually take these precautions? Is there any other step you like to do? Tell us here in the comments. Let’s share our knowledge and help other artisans too. The Work Bookcase Quilt pattern is available from Fabric at Work. Come, let’s quilt!


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