Comedy Cover Blanket – Free Pattern


Hi everybody! What a beautiful week we spent together. I hope you guys enjoyed the patterns and learned new tips along with us. And now the weekend comes, do you know what you’re going to do? How about crocheting a beautiful blanket? Comedy Cover is a very colorful, cheerful and fun pattern. Each round comes with a different design and at the same time complements the final pattern. It draws all the attention of the environment. 

And the cool thing about patterns like this, colorful, is that you can complete the decor with pillows of all colors. And if there’s a little yarn left over, why not crochet pillows too? It’s going to be amazing. Pieces produced entirely in crochet are the biggest hit among several generations. And it is no less! Crochet is a beautiful and highly prestigious work. In addition to clothing, crochet is increasingly present in residential objects, thus being a strong trend in decoration. 

It brings an extra charm to the living room, envelops you during a marathon of movies and series and protects your upholstery. The sofa blanket has many uses and can be responsible for making your space more inviting and cozy, especially on cold days. Do you know how to use the crochet blanket in living room decor? Here are some tips. The most used and well-known look is the “half sofa”, which covers half of the upholstery.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Love Crafts

In this way, it is ideal for those who need to beautify the furniture and protect it from pets or everyday impurities. To copy, just place the fabric in the diamond position on one side of the sofa. If the idea is to cover only a small part of the sofa, first, make three vertical folds of the fabric. Leave the fringe down to the front of the furniture, if you have it. Place over the backrest, passing through the seat. If you want, you can include some pillows to add some extra charm. 

This look is modern and works great with blankets like this one. About the pattern, following the instructions, available at Love Crafts, at the end you will have a blanket measuring approximately 132cm x 185cm. Shall we crochet? Read the pattern for the first time, choose the colors and combinations that you like best. See in the photos how the colors change the blanket, it even looks like a different pattern. If you have any doubts, come talk to us here in the comments. Time to crochet!


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