Card Trick Quilt Block – Free Pattern


Hey loves! Let’s learn one newer pattern together, the Card Trick Quilt Block. This pattern is very beautiful. In addition to being colorful and full of life, the overlapping of the squares gives the impression of an optical illusion. If you’re not used to sewing yet, don’t worry, it’s not difficult. Quilt blocks are highly recommended for beginners because they are smaller patterns than quilts.

You can do it in less time and whenever we finish a project, the feeling of pride is very great. Quilt blocks can be used in many ways, they are very versatile. You can use as a decorative item, centerpiece, pillow case. By sewing some blocks together, you have a beautiful tablerunner to decorate the table. Anyway, there is no shortage of ideas and our creativity is capable of incredible things.

To achieve a more perfect seam, practice is essential. You can sew a little bit every day. Use scraps left over from fabric cuts from other projects. As for the colors you already know, the combinations are endless. Squares with the same color and different shades are also very beautiful. Use prints to make the quilt block even more beautiful.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Generations Quilt Patterns

If you have scraps of fabric left over, you can use this new pattern as well. Before you start sewing, assemble the quilt block to see how it will look. If the combinations, size and all the pieces fit, it’s time to start sewing. This is the best way to visualize the piece before it is ready. If you want to make any changes, it’s best to do it before sewing, you won’t need to undo it, just reposition the clippings.

The card trick quilt block pattern is available in Generations Quilt Patterns. All instructions and measurements are available to help you make this beautiful pattern. The step-by-step photos always help us to check to see if we are doing it right, we hope it helps you too. Don’t forget to tell us what you think. If you have new ideas on how to use this block quilt, let us know in the comments. Thus, we artisans help each other with our experiences.


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