Cactus Beanie – Free Crochet Pattern


Hello my loves! We spent a few days without showing up here, but we already missed you. Don’t think that we stopped practicing, testing and separating new patterns to share with you. We hope you also took the time to practice, make beautiful patterns. Today we want to learn together with you the Cactus Beanie.

This pattern is a lot of fun and, with different sizes and measurements, you can make it for babies and toddlers. Crochet ideas for babies are quite varied, and this craft work allows you to create countless different pieces for the universe of babies, bringing a lot of delicacy through pieces of clothing and accessories. Among the possibilities of making handmade baby items, ideas for head accessories, such as crochet caps and hats, are good inspirations.

These items are quite common in the baby’s layette, especially the caps, as they go far beyond the aesthetic look, but have the advantage of keeping the baby’s ears protected from the wind and cold. This pattern is even more amazing, has a creative touch and makes everything even more fun. Let’s talk about the materials we will need.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Raffamusa Designs

But don’t worry, it’s all very simple and if you already crochet, you probably already have it all on hand. There are several types of crochet thread on the market that vary both in color and thickness. To find the right model for you, keep in mind the shape and texture you want. For a crochet cap with more open stitches, opt for soft threads, for a tighter cap, the ideal is to use thicker threads. The needles used also interfere with the final result of the piece.


The softer, open-stitch look you get with larger needles, while smaller needles ensure pieces with tighter, tighter stitches. For those who are starting, the ideal is to use light colors that favor the visualization of the points. Come check out the beanie cactus pattern at Raffamusa Designs. There you have all the information to guide you through the entire project. Don’t forget to read it first. Then just choose, separate the materials and crochet!

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