C2C Zipper Pouch Crochet – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! We are very happy to find you here, it is always a pleasure to be able to bring you new patterns that we have learned and want to share with you. Knowing that you remember us makes us very excited. There are so many possibilities, ideas for pieces and combinations in our craft world that it’s impossible to do everything. But that’s the coolest thing, we can choose the pieces we like the most and go step by step. 

Today we are going to crochet, learn the C2C Zipper Pouch. It’s a simple pattern, great for those who are starting to crochet and want to learn new pieces, learn to put on the dreaded zipper. I must confess that I was always afraid to make pieces that had a zipper, both in crocheting and sewing. But with the tips of this pattern you won’t have any doubts. 

If there’s anything left, ask us here in the comments and we’re here to help you in whatever we can. With this pattern you will learn how to make a case, as if it were a toiletry bag. They are perfect for keeping things more organized, whether in your bag or in your bedroom. You can separate each one to an object type. One for makeup brushes, one for your pens, for a notepad. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Winding Road Crochet

Seeing the step by step you will realize that it is very easy to adapt the size to what you need. Crochet has this facility in many patterns, increasing or decreasing the number of rounds and we have the size we need. One of the advantages that we found very valuable in this pattern is learning how to make the lining of the case. Most of the patterns we’ve already made didn’t have this detail. As much as the stitches are tightly closed, without much space to pass something, an extra protection always makes a difference.

If you want to carry earrings, necklaces, you can rest assured that with the lining, none of this will escape the case. Ready to start crocheting? The complete C2C Zipper Pouch pattern is available in Winding Road Crochet. See the materials list, make sure you have everything you need so you don’t have to run out and buy in the middle of the round. Then read the step by step, clarify any doubts that may arise and let’s crochet!


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