Bright Gifts Wrap – Free Pattern


Hey loves! Good to have you here with me once again. I am very happy to know that you remember us when you want to learn a new pattern. That’s why we are always renewing the models with different techniques so that you can always have beautiful inspirations. Like the Bright Gifts Wrap, a beautiful pattern, with vibrant colors and very comfortable to snuggle in on a colder day.

When the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to start wrapping up from the cold and, of course, creating wonderful looks. One of the most elegant accessories that protect the neck region from low temperatures is the scarf. Like this one, the wrap also has this function. Is there anything better than looking beautiful, warm and comfortable? If you agree with us, then most likely you have a crochet wrap in your closet. But if you haven’t yet, ok, no problem.

We help you with tips and tutorials. You can leave here straight to the threads and needles. It doesn’t hurt to remember that crochet scarves are not all the same. Firstly, there is an immense variety of colors to choose from, ranging from models with solid colors to those that bet on blending and gradient tones. The crochet scarf still gains in format versatility, since it can be wider, collar-shaped or narrow. In today’s pattern, the shape is more different, let’s make a big triangle, perfect for snuggling up and being very comfortable.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial:

You can crochet the scarf very simply at home and it is an amazing way to gift a friend or relative. Even more so now, at the end of the year, when we want to give gifts to loved ones. There’s nothing better than giving something that we’ve made ourselves as a gift, and even starting to publicize your work, if that’s your intention. Here the combination of colors is very simple to do. You can use tones of the same color, making a beautiful gradient. Interspersing colors looks very nice too, as well as the coloring.

The important thing is to maintain the quality of all the yarns and try to keep the thickness of all the same. Check out the complete pattern of the bright gifts wrap available at There you will find all the information, yarn suggestions and measurements. Read one first before starting to crochet. Understanding stitches and rounds helps a lot, believe me. If you have any doubts, come back here and talk to us. We are always here, ready to help and listen to you. Come on, let’s crochet!


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