Lone Star Quilt Block – Free Pattern


The Lone Star Quilt Block is a very classic pattern. We have a lot of star patterns that, with some details, look like totally different patterns. Stars are classic patterns, they are present in many types of crafts. You may have seen stars of crochet, knitting, macrame, and quilts are no different. It may seem that the clippings are very difficult, full of spikes. But that’s for the sewing.

The cutouts of most quilt blocks are squares and triangles, if you already make some patterns you must have noticed this. The difficulty of some is the amount of sewing and size of the cutouts. In the lone star quilt block you will use some different prints and colors. The contrast of the fabrics highlights your work a little more. So don’t be afraid to take risks with combinations.

Sometimes the prints look very different, but if you put a plain fabric in the middle, in a color that matches both, you have another new combination. We always recommend you wash the fabrics when the colors are too dark. Fabrics tend to have an excess of ink that can stain light colors. As well as markings, make them on the wrong side of the fabric.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hopeful Homemaker

As much as the marker is with washable ink, it can happen to stain the fabric. If done on the wrong side, when you go to sew the pieces, it will not show up in the quilt block. Use scraps you have lying around, it’s a great way to use scraps and save a little. In the photos you can see that the quilt block can be made in different sizes.

Once we learn the pattern, it becomes much easier to adapt to what you need. The lone star quilt block pattern is available from Hopeful Homemaker. Seeing other artisans’ quilt blocks helps us create new combinations. Take advantage of the ideas presented to use your creativity and make the lone star the way you prefer. Did you like it? Don’t forget to let us know, we really enjoy reading your feedback.


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