Crochet Santa Ornament – Free Pattern


Hey sweeties! Shall we get into the Christmas mood? One of the most awaited dates, that climate of harmony that everyone cares about and always makes us more excited. Impossible not to get excited and want to decorate the whole house, leave everything with the colors of Christmas. What if we do the decorations? That’s today’s idea, the Crochet Santa Ornament. This Santa Claus is super friendly, impossible not to fall in love. 

One of the coolest things about the holiday season, in addition to celebrating with the people we love, is the Christmas decorations. Setting up the tree and tidying up the house to receive family members turns out to be a very special moment. Crochet is a great alternative for those who want to innovate in Christmas decoration, but still don’t have inspiration. 

If you are skilled with needles, you can take advantage of amazing tips for ornaments to put on Christmas trees, hang on doors, walls or even to decorate the supper table. Crochet is a popular, economical, versatile type of craft that allows you to create beautiful pieces. Therefore, there is no doubt that Christmas decorations using this technique are good options for decorating your home at Christmas. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Design-Peak

A lot of people plan in advance some details for that date, to have time to do everything you want and still enjoy and receive some orders to have an extra at the end of the year. The decoration enters these questions, after all, it is a tradition to prepare the home to receive the guests. We are always looking for interesting and creative references to decorate certain spaces in the house. 

You can decorate, for example, the walls, doors, tables and the Christmas trees themselves. It’s also a great gift option, make a kit with some ornaments and give it to that friend who loves Christmas. How about starting to crochet right now and plan your Christmas tree decoration? The crochet santa ornament is available at Design-Peak. The tutorial is in the form of a video, perfect for those who like to rewind the pattern as many times as necessary. 


But before starting to crochet, we recommend watching the video in full for the first time. Set aside everything you need and the second time, start crocheting together. Watched the video, but have doubts? Tell us here in the comments. Our team is ready to help you with whatever you need. Let’s make this Christmas even more special!

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