Crochet Dresses for Dolls – Free Patterns


Hello my loves! When we say that the crochet technique is very versatile, we are not kidding. Proof said is the pattern that we are going to learn to make today, Crochet Dresses for Dolls. Crochet is an art that permeates from generation to generation, from the time of grandma, mom to the present day. It allows you to create pieces not only to please your family but also to gift someone in particular.

Many people turn this manual craft into their main earning or as an extra earning at the end of the month. Models of dresses for dolls made in crochet, simple and easy ideas for those moms who really like to make clothes for their little girls’ dolls. Today we are going to learn how to crochet dress for dolls. They are delicate and charming pieces.

In addition to making it in several different shapes and stitches, you have the option to create models with beautiful accessories. You can add details such as: bows, sequins, buttons, ribbons and so many other ideas. Many people start making crafts very small. How about encouraging some girls to start with this art?

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochetismo

Sometimes just seeing you making, or choosing clothes for the dolls, they are already interested in learning. Crocheting is an excellent practice to exercise both our thinking and our manual skills. The sooner we start practicing, the more experienced we become, the more creative we are too.

In Crochetismo you will find some patterns with graphics to make beautiful models. It’s a more beautiful model than the other. I’m sure you’ll want to increase it and make it to your size. And that’s not difficult. If you already have a little practice in crochet, the graphics can be easily enlarged. Tell us which one is your favorite. Ready to renew your dolls wardrobe? I’m sure the little ones will love having these new clothes!


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