Bright Gifts Wrap Pattern


Hello dear colleagues, welcome to our craft world. We hope that here at Lu Crochet you will feel at home, find what you need and be inspired by the ideas we share with you. Whether it’s clothing or decorative items, here’s a little bit of everything. Whatever your level too, beginner, expert, we have patterns for all of you.

On the coldest days, we need a third piece that snuggles us up and protects us from the wind, from the cold. For this we have bonnets, gloves, scarves, shawls. All these ideas are amazing and very useful. Thinking about getting out of the traditional a little, we want to show you the Bright Gifts Wrap. This one is for you to wrap yourself in it, protect yourself and be very comfortable.

Following the function of the scarf and the shawl, this model is distinguished by its format, a triangle. The pattern has one of the wider ends and that’s where you’ll start crocheting. Gradually you will decrease the stitches until you have a much thinner tip. These are simple tips that you will learn and can use in other patterns as well.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial:

Sometimes we need to decrease stitches in another project and we don’t know how. Once you learn how to make the bright gifts wrap, you won’t have any doubts. Here we have a very colorful model. You can follow the same pattern by making stripes like this. Or intersperse the colors, make a gradient. It’s going to be incredible.

The wrap is crocheted in Half Double Crochet and measures approximately 30.25″ x 57″. To change the measurements in this project is not as simple as the others because it has this decrease in stitches. If you still don’t have much practice, we advise you to follow the pattern in all the steps. Know that you can count on us whenever there is any doubt. Come chat with us here in the comments and let’s crochet!

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