Crochet Blanket Shawl Scarf – Free Pattern


Hello everybody! It’s great to see you here again, trusting what we share with you. Here, every day is a new pattern of a manual craft technique to inspire you to keep creating. Today we are going to crochet a little more, learn how to crochet blanket shawl scarf. We know this new one might seem a little confusing to you, but the pattern is simple.

With it you will learn how to make a bigger scarf, almost a blanket to use on the coldest days. It’s that piece that hugs you, makes you cozy, warm and makes all the difference in your look. You can make it in any color you like. You can mix colors and tones in the same scarf too. Make it according to your imagination, creativity and your taste. More vibrant colors look amazing, it has a lot of highlight in the look.

With more classic colors, black, gray, beige, the piece is more common, but it doesn’t lose even a little bit of elegance. The crochet stitch used to crochet the blanket shawl scarf can be adapted for different pieces. It’s a textured stitch, with embossed details that look really nice. So, take the opportunity to use everything you learn and create new pieces, bags, dresses, sweaters.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Inews60s

As for the yarns, you can choose the thickest ones to make this pattern. As it is a piece to wear on the coldest days, the warmer the better. Take the time to have fun. Craftsmanship is for that, to make us more relaxed. As much as you crochet as a profession, always enjoy this moment. The pattern is available at Inews60s, with the video tutorial of the artisan making the piece.

You can watch the video for the first time before starting to crochet. It’s the best way to get rid of the doubts that may arise before starting. We are sure that you will be able to make and create beautiful pieces with this pattern. And it will rock a new scarf. Let us know what you think here in the comments, we are very happy to have your feedback.


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