Floating Quilt – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! We are very happy to have you here again. We know that crafts can be a hobby, an extra income or a profession for many people. With that in mind, we always try to bring different patterns that inspire you to continue making beautiful pieces. And quilt never hurts, right? The Floating Quilt is this pattern that you were missing, another beautiful one that makes the environment more cozy and charming.

This pattern has an interesting design. Depending on the combinations you make, the quilt gets this 3D effect, an optical illusion. In the photos, you can see that the background is dark and the squares vary in color and tone, but follow a pattern. You will learn how to do this in the available pattern. If you’re unsure about your fabric choices, you can stick with the pattern colors.

Over time, we learn the characteristics that we have to take care of to maintain the same effect. The most important thing is to keep the background a single color. As for squares, for this quilt, prints may not be the best option. The plain colors contribute to the quilt’s 3D effect. As they are very dark colored fabrics, wash the fabrics first, before starting the cuts.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilt Kisses

Thus, the excess of ink comes out and does not harm the rest of the colors that are going to be used. Iron the fabric, it smooth is much easier to make the markings, lengths, cuts and sewing. As for the quilt sizes, you can easily change them to the size of your bed. The floating quilt pattern is available in quilt kisses. There you have access to all the walkthrough, footage and tips.

Read the pattern more than once if necessary and do this before you start cutting fabrics. We are sure that after that, there will be no doubts. Don’t forget to let us know what you think, we are very happy with your feedback. Tell us what ideas you had, what colors you will choose. With our experiences, we help and inspire other artisans to continue with this beautiful work.


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