Crochet Blanket Bag Model – Free Pattern


Hello my darlings! You may already know that crochet is here with us almost every day. Today will be no different, we needed to bring this pattern to you. It’s another stitch model that will make all the difference. The crochet blanket bag model is amazing. In addition to having an amazing design, you can use the blanket on both sides.

It has no reverse, each side of the crochet, a different blanket. Amazing, right, two blankets in one. So for this blanket you will need to choose two different colors. Choose colors that match each other but have a contrast. The details are apparent, and the two blankets complement each other. Like the other blankets, this one is also very soft.

Much of this depends on the yarn you choose. Choose the ones you like the most, but make sure they are quality yarns. The blankets are washed with a certain frequency and quality yarns stay perfect for longer. Also be careful when washing. Do not use hot water, do not use chlorine bleach. This care is necessary, you will have a very beautiful blanket for longer. You can make this blanket to protect or decorate the sofa.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Inews60s

It looks perfect in the bedroom too, makes the bed tidy and cozy. Impossible to resist a well-groomed room. As for the measurements, see the size you need and measure what you are doing. It’s easy to change for all bed sizes. The crochet blanket bag model pattern is available from Inews60s. It’s a video tutorial that will teach you how to make the stitch and check both sides.

Watch it a first time before starting to crochet. You can clear doubts that could arise. Then just start crocheting. Take advantage of this new pattern to create beautiful pieces, be it a blanket, a sweater, a rug. The big difference is often the yarn chosen. Think about what you want to do before you buy anything. Tell us what you think in the comments, we’d love to hear your feedback.


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