Lil Mountains Purse Pouch – Free Pattern


Hi my loves, are you all right? I hope so, I hope to find them all healthy and willing to learn new patterns. Here at Lu Crochet you will find beautiful ideas, different techniques and items that can be useful in your daily life. In addition to crafts being able to be a second source of income as well.

Today we want to show you the Lil Mountains Purse Pouch, this bag is so beautiful and simple. It is a more classic model, without straps and in that classic envelope model. To give even more charm to the model, on the tip you can see little wavy with different colors. It’s touches like this that make the piece even more beautiful and charming.

Because it is an easy to assemble model, a rectangle that is folded and sewn to assemble the purse, you can still change the size. But this bag model cannot be too big, it loses structure. Of course, if you choose a more structured yarn, you’ll have a firmer bag, but you can’t make it much bigger.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Mama in a Stitch

You must have noticed how crochet bags arrived and took their place in everyday looks. Whether casual or more elegant, the models run very well on all occasions. Because they are handmade items, they can be customized. The choice of colors, if you want to put a button.

The choice of yarn changes the result of the purse, as well as the choice of crochet hook. In the pattern you will find the indication of yarn that was chosen for this model. You don’t have to use it, but you can use it to get similar results. If you still don’t have much practice, you’re thinking about starting to crochet, you’re looking for a pattern to do over the weekend, this one is perfect for you. Come learn how to lil mountains purse pouch!

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