Magnolia Granny Square Bag


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Crochet bags are here to stay. They are amazing and super versatile, they fit all looks and occasions. If you are looking for an everyday bag, the Magnolia Granny Square Bag is for you. It’s a bag made from the traditional granny square, just like the name says. This gorgeous bag is useful in so many ways.

Colorful, versatile and trendy, that’s what granny squares are. Granny squares are easy and fun to crochet. In fact, the classic granny square is a great beginner crochet pattern to try. Squares are usually crocheted with leftover yarn. This idea of crocheting a square and using it as a base for different pieces became famous in the 70s when the hippie movement started using colored squares in various applications and objects, and it came back to fashion today, becoming a trend.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Mama in a Stitch

The main idea was this, to reuse the remains of other yarns and assemble a colorful square. Here on the bag you see that a color palette is followed. The designer changed the order of the colors in the squares, which makes everything even more creative. You can go on like this, or make it more colorful, it depends on your style.

When choosing a yarn, choosing a washable cotton, you can use it as a market tote, a large purse, or even a grocery bag. Plastic bags are out of use and we can help the environment by using reusable bags. It’s easy to roll up and take on that summer vacation as well. How about starting the magnolia granny square bag today? Come on, let’s crochet!

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