Crochet Pansy Flower – Free Pattern


Hello sweeties! How are you? We hope you enjoyed the weekend, rested and prepared for another amazing week. We have already separated and tested all the patterns that we are going to share with you, one more beautiful than the other. Today we are going to learn the crochet pansy flower.

One of the most traditional formats, crochet flowers are classic and are present in many different pieces. They are delicate and can be applied to bags, clothes, carpets. Pancy flowers are small, quick to make. In the photo you can see that more than one color is used. You can make many combinations, let your creativity guide you.

This flower is found in nature and you can use the same colors, imitating the natural ones. The variety of yarns that we find in stores is very large and you must have already been undecided when buying. With thicker yarns, you’ll get heavier, larger pieces. If the yarns are thinner, it is normal for the flower to be smaller. This is not a crocheting error, it is related to yarn thickness.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Pretty Ideas

Because it’s a small pattern, you can use yarn left over from another project. Test before buying more yarns. The stitches of this pattern are not difficult and you can learn to crochet with this flower. The pattern is available from Pretty Ideas as a video tutorial. Before you start crocheting, watch the entire video and then take the crochet hook and yarn.

It’s the best way to clear up any doubts that may arise, it’s much easier, trust us. We hope you like it, understand it and make lots of flowers out there too. Let us know what you think, we love to read your feedback. Ready to make a special week full of art? We are here to help and inspire you with new patterns.


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