Diamonds English Quilt – Free Pattern


Hello everybody! Ready to learn another beautiful pattern here with us? Today’s model is a wonderful quilt. Diamonds English Quilt is that quilt that will change and complement your decor. Quilts are classic pieces, but depending on the pattern you choose, they can add a touch of modernity to the environment. This is the case of diamonds english.

The pattern is full of important details that together make up this beautiful design. To make this quilt, you will start by making small blocks with triangles, squares, and diamonds. Don’t worry that the pattern has a template for all these formats. You can print on A4 sheet, without having to enlarge the formats. Since the cutouts are small, you can use scraps of fabric left over from other projects.

If you’ve been sewing for a while, you know that you always end up with small pieces of different colors and prints and you can’t always reuse them. Depending on the sizes needed to make a new piece, these scraps are left over. Enjoy them to use in this quilt. Colors and prints do not have to be the same. In the photos you can see that few colors were repeated.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: M is for Make

The quilt is very colorful and everything matches each other, making everything the most beautiful thing. This quilt takes a little longer to make. As the cutouts are small, you will need some patience. But crafts are like that, it’s meant to be relaxing, so take advantage of the moments you set aside to sew and dedicate yourself to it. It is a beautiful gift option, whoever receives it will feel all the love dedicated to making it.

The diamonds english pattern is available at M is for Make. Download the templates, cut and separate the fabrics. We want to see lots of quilts out there. Tell us what you think here in the comments. Whether to sell, to give as a gift or to decorate your home, may this pattern inspire you to keep sewing. Have you already got everything you need? Let’s quilt!


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